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Local Business Tee

Local Business Tee

Your local bubble business has a fresh new Bubble Tee! Illustrated by Julia Laskowski, printed by Sound Merch. Blue graphics on a white tee.

Get 50% OFF a refill when you purchase this T-shirt - Calculated at checkout.

About The Cylinders

Cylinders that are really safe and really compatible

  • Compatible with all soda makers

    Billy Bubbles cylinders are compatible with Sodastream, Sodaking, Aarke and Phillips soda makers

  • The safest cylinders

    Cylinders meet Australian safety standards and have been tested independently to ensure that you get the safest cylinder around

  • Get more gas

    Billy Bubbles cylinders hold 450 grams of food grade cO2 which means that they make more bubbles compared to other brands that sell 400 grams of cO2 in their cylinders.