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Hey, Billy here 👋

Welcome to my website! I’m here to put a bubble in your beverage and keep your bin, bare from any unnecessary waste. I started Billy Bubbles because I wanted bubbly water to be better for the environment, cheaper and soooo much easier. Cue a global pandemic, no job and a whole lotta spare time and BAM! Billy Bubbles is born!


Isn’t it SO. VERY. FRUSTRATING when you forget to take your empty gas cylinder into the supermarket to exchange it for a full one?

And isn’t it such a waste knowing that when you take your empty to a supermarket, they ship it off to “who knows where” just to be refilled and then repackaged with a bunch of single use stuff? 

These are all the things that I wanted to tackle with Billy Bubbles. Call me old school, but I thought that the solution was simple; what if soda gas worked more like an old “Milkman” service? Just leave your empty gas cylinder at your doorstep and wallah! “Milkman” swoops in, takes your empty cylinder and gives you a brand spankin’ new one.

So that’s basically what I do for you! You book online, leave your empty by your front door, Billy swoops in and HAZZAHHH! You’ve got Bubbles!

Soda water at home is about reducing waste, so let’s make it better...

Half the point of making soda water at home is to reduce our consumption of single use drink bottles, so why are we wrapping single use plastic around gas cylinders and packaging them in single use cardboard boxes?

"Nothing gets used once at Billy Bubbles"

Beats me… That’s why I don’t do it, no shrink wrap seals, no cardboard boxes, no single use anything. In fact, nothing gets used once at Billy Bubbles, from the pallets that cylinders are shipped to me on, to the boxes they come in and the caps on the cylinder valves. Nothing…


Keeping things local is amazing for everyone

Operating out of my garage in Fitzroy, this is as local as local business gets. What I’ve quickly worked out being thrown into the hot seat of local business ownership is that there’s so many benefits for everyone to shop local. 

Other local businesses benefit indirectly from shopping locally too, because local businesses help other local businesses out. Rather than big multinationals having big multinational agreements with other big multinational companies, I chat to Jack down the road whenever I need more T-shirts, or hit up Julia around the corner whenever I need more of those amazing illustrations.

Customer’s benefit too because I'm dealing directly with them. Which means that I have less people to pay and expenses to cover, so I'm able to provide my refills at nearly half the price that the supermarkets charge.

I came for the environment, I stayed for the community

Billy Bubbles was started to help us reduce our impact on the environment, but what I’ve experienced since starting the business that I never expected... was the community!

From sharing words of encouragement with me, giving valued business advice, helping me find what I needed to keep the business running and sharing recommendations to their friends. The Billy Bubbles community has been the driving force behind taking this business from something I was only ever expecting to get me through COVID to something that is much bigger than myself. I’ll forever be humbled and thankful for everything anyone has done to make this one bubblin’ good time.

More bubbles to come!

As I continue to keep topping up your bubbles, my priority will be trying to deliver to as many of you as I can. Along the way I’ll be encouraging everyone to reduce their environmental impact by reducing/reusing/recycling and look for ways to give back to the community that has already given me so much.

Anytime that you’d like to chat, I’m just a couple of clicks away, catch me on Facebook Messenger or the little chat window on the website.

Until then, happy bubblin’

B.B. oOoOoOoo