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General Questions

If you’ve got a question, you’ll probably find the answer here

Believe it or not, but yes, it is! My parent’s like to call me William when I’m in trouble, but my friends call me Billy ; )

Simply book your order online. Select which night you’d like your bubbles delivered, then you leave your empty cylinders by the front door.

You’ll get an SMS with an ETA and then Billy Bubbles will swap your empty cylinders for full ones, kinda like a Milkman.

You’ll get another SMS to tell you that the delivery has been done and then you’re all systems go to enjoy some Bubbles.

That's completely fine. You can buy a Billy Bubbles cylinder for $25 or Trade-In your other branded cylinders for Billy Bubbles cylinders at $20 each.

Once your new Billy Bubbles cylinders are empty, they're only $10 each to refill.

A $5 delivery fee is applied to delivery orders.

Please send me a message via Messenger or the live chat window on the website, I’ll fix up the order for you.

The Bubbles

Questions about the Bubbles and the cylinders

Billy Bubbles cylinders are compatible with soda makers such as: Sodastream, Sodaking, Aarke, Phillips and other brands.

Our cylinders are not yet compatible with machines that only accept the new (2022) pink coloured quick connect cylinders by Sodastream.

Billy Bubbles cylinders have 450 grams of food grade cO2 in them. Using a similar equation to what other brands use, Billy Bubbles cylinders make approximately 68 Litres of bubbly water.

They make a little more, about 12.5% more! This is because other brands only have 400 grams of cO2 in them and Billy Bubbles cylinders have 450 grams.

Super safe! The cylinders have been made in accordance with Australian and UN safety standards and inspected independently from the manufacturer and myself to make sure that they actually do meet the safety standards.

Get the kitchen scales out and weigh your cylinder, if it’s around 760 grams, then you’re running on empty!

I accept other branded cylinders as a Trade-in for a discounted rate on my branded cylinders. When selecting what you’d like, make sure to select the “Trade-in” option.

At Billy Bubbles, will only refill our own branded cylinders. We do not refill other branded cylinders and relabel them.

There's a couple of reasons for this, the big one is that our insurance won't cover our customers' safety if something were to happen to them with a different branded cylinder. This is because we can't guarrantee that other branded cylinders have been made to safety standards.

And if you've ever read the fine print on other branded cylinders, you'd understand that they wouldn't be very happy if we used their cylinders.

It sure will, some have reported that they taste a whole lot better. But I suppose that’s thanks to the extra special service.

Yes! The CO2 used in Billy Bubbles is 100% food grade


All your questions relating to delivery can be answered here

I’m currently delivering throughout most inner suburbs in Melbourne, with more suburbs added frequently! To get an idea of where I’m currently delivering please check this out

Currently I deliver to certain areas on certain days of the week, I deliver to some areas more frequently than others but I’m hoping to deliver everywhere as often as I can. Please see this page to get an idea of when I deliver to you.

Doesn’t matter if you’re in Werribee, Fitzroy or Brighton. Delivery is a flat fee of $5

Bookings close an hour before the delivery run, this is generally 4pm for evening delivery runs and midday for afternoon deliveries.

Deliveries can be completed whilst you’re not at home! If you leave your empty cylinders for exchange outside in a safe place we will be able to swap them for full ones without you having to be there. So if you’re heading out, just pop your cylinders out before you go.

If you don’t have anywhere safe to leave your cylinders, we are more than happy to deliver to you in person by knocking on your door or buzzing your apartment. Obviously this makes it a little hard to deliver to you when you’re not at home but you can chat to the driver when you get your first booking to come up with a game plan for when you’re not home.

For bookings that couldn’t be completed because you weren’t home and your cylinders weren’t left out you will need to contact Billy Bubbles to organise another delivery. It’s best to do this via Messenger or the chat window on the website. An additional $5 delivery fee will be required for the re-delivery. If you think there was an error, please message Billy on Messenger or the chat window on the website

Yep! You’ll get an ETA about 30 mins before the delivery run starts. This is generally at 4:30pm for evening delivery runs or 12:30pm for afternoon deliveries.

I’m trying to get to you as many of you as I can, as quickly as I can. If you’d like to be notified of when I’m planning to deliver to your area, please answer the questions in this link and i’ll be in touch!

Click & Collect

All your questions relating to Click & Collect can be answered here

Click & Collect bookings are currently made on Facebook Messenger or the chat window on the website.

Click & Collect is currently offered from Billy’s house in Fitzroy. It’s close to The Union Club Hotel and the address will be given at the time of booking.

Click & Collect bookings will be made ready immediately if the booking is made for the same day after 9:30am. For bookings made in the future they will be made available at 9:30am and will need to be collected prior to the following day.

The codes for your click & collect box will be changed the following day. If you can’t make your booking, please contact Billy via Messenger or the chat window on the website.